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Blackened Heavy/Thrash Metal

Since 1999

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Check out the new music video for 'The Omega Legions'! Our tribute to you, our fans!





Today we released a new music video! It's for the song 'The Omega Legions'. Our tribute to the crazy maniacs that visit our live shows! Check it out here.


We will be doing only one show this year! Check it out the event here.

30/12/2014 More live shows

More dates are added to our tourlist. Check it out in the Shows section below or on the flyer here.

15/10/2014 First live shows

The first 'Storm Is Coming' live shows will take place in The Netherlands and Germany. More info here.

16/07/2014 A new music video:

Today we proudly present our music video 'Self-Destruction Mode'. It's the first music video for our new album 'Storm Is Coming', set to be released on the 5th of September 2014 by CYCLONE EMPIRE.

14/01/2014/Storm is coming, mastering... :

We are fully done recording and mixing the new album, Storm Is Coming. We are still working on getting a mastering that can get us the perfect sound. In meantime we are still doing live shows. Keep checking out our live agenda.

03/07/2013/2 day "Tour":

We are joining our German Death/Black Metal brothers from Arroganz for two days on their tour. Check the live agenda.

07/04/2013/Storm is coming:

Our apologies for not keeping the website more updated. We are currently very busy finishing the recordings of our new album STORM IS COMING! In a few months we will start the mix and mastering and we are aiming for a release later this year. There are some new gigs coming in so be sure to often check our 'live' agenda on this website regularly. To get all the latest news, please follow us on our Facebook.

31/01/2012/New Music video:

We have a new music video out for The Fallen Kingdom.

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ONHEIL/Furious yet Melodic Blackened Heavy/Thrash Metal since 1999

ONHEIL entered the metal scene in 1999 and released their first demo in that same year. With another demo in 2002, a Mini CD on a small underground label in 2003 and their rare but intense live shows the band grew their reputation in the underground. Unfortunately the band got into some line-up problems during 2004 – 2006, but still doing some live shows.

It took the band untill 2007 to get up to full speed again, forming a new and steady line-up. ONHEIL now has three guitarist en two vocalist, giving the band an even more diver sound. The return was announced with a first music video and a wide range of live shows with bands like VADER, MAYHEM, ENTOMBED and BELPHEGOR. This caught the attention of German metal record label CYCLONE EMPIRE releasing ONHEIL's full-length album RAZOR in 2009.

'Razor' was received extremely well and getting high ratings by the media almost everywhere. With this success ONHEIL was able to share the stage throughout Europe with bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, AUTOPSY, WATAIN, THE DEVILS BLOOD, ASPHYX, NAPALM DEATH, DYING FETUS, KRISIUN, ROTTING CHRIST, and the band appeared on festivals such as PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR, EXTREMEFEST(in 3 countries), METAL MEAN, GAHLEN MOSHT OPEN AIR, BRUTZ&BRAKEL FEST, OCCULTFEST and ZABBADUSCHER.

After their album release show in Bibelot, Dordrecht, ONHEIL will unleash their new album 'Storm Is Coming' on the 5th of september 2014. This 'Storm' contains 10 tracks of furious yet melodic metal, appealing to a wide range of metal heads! Their original mix of Black, Thrash, Heavy and a small dose of Death Metal has already given ONHEIL a lot of fans and supporters throughout the world (Even countries like Japan, Israel, Lithuania and Russia), the new album had taken this musical style to an even high level with its more dynamic compositions and better production sound. The first incoming reviews are already very positive, reaching the 'top album' status a few times. Now ONHEIL wants to take the 'Storm' to the stage, starting with shows in Nothern Europe first!


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Storm Is Coming

Released by CYCLONE EMPIRE the 5th of September 2014.Produced & mixed by Bart Hennephof and Yuma van Eekelen at the Final Focus Studios, The Netherlands. Co-Produced by Amok. Guitar and bass recorded by Amok, Sadist, Haat and Nomiis at the GK studios, The Netherlands. Mastered by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus Studios, Sweden.

Track list:

  1. Embrace The Chaos
  2. Kill Tomorrow
  3. Self-Destruction Mode - Watch Video
  4. The Omega Legions - Watch Video
  5. Storm Is Coming - Watch Video
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dnVUNt1bfA
  7. The End Of Everything
  8. Wings Of Death
  9. Dronkenschap In Duisternis II
  10. Nature's Wrath
  11. Streams Of Silence

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Metal Temple (Int) - 10/10

Firebrand After Dark (UK) - 5/5

Albumfeeds.com (NL) - 9,5/10

Powermetal.de (DE) - 9/10

Dagheisha (IT) - "Top Album"

Deaf Forever (DE) - 8/10


Released by CYCLONE EMPIRE on the 15th of May 2009. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Bart Hennephof and Yuma van Eekelen. Co-produced and guitars recorded by Amok at the GK3 Studio.

Track list:

  1. Out Of The Darkness It Comes
  2. Nemesis' Light Fading - Watch Video
  3. As Hope Dies - Watch Video
  4. Final Redemption
  5. Day Of Departure
  6. Razor
  7. The Fallen Kingdom - Watch Video
  8. Pad Der Verdoemenis
  9. Penetration Of Innocence
  10. Rain Of Fire
  11. From Above

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Imhotep (NO) - 6/6


Date Venue City Country Other bands More Info
17/08/2016 Baroeg Rotterdam The Netherlands Fenris, Misantropia Facebook Event

Past shows:

Date Venue City Country Other bands More Info
21/11/2015 Het Podium Hoogeveen The Netherlands Martyr and more..
11/07/2015 HEADACHE INSIDE Ahlimbsmühle Germany Hate, Protector, Cripper, Human Prey, Deserted Fear, Human Prey, Strydegor, Décembre Noir Facebook Event
27/06/2015 ROOSENDAAL OPEN AIR Roosendaal The Netherlands
06/06/2015 10 YEARS SODOM NIGHT Winschoten The Netherlands Thulcandra, Sordide, Abrupt Demise, Eternal Solstice, Insurrection Facebook Event
17/04/2015 Fuego Maaseik Belgium Signs Of Darkness, The Scalding, Necrosis Facebook Event
14/03/2015 Gebouw-T Bergen Op Zoom The Netherlands Vanderbuyst, Diablo Blvd, Mourn, Purple Rainbox, Shoot The Messenger Facebook Event
20/02/2015 FROSTFEUERNACHTE Kiez Hölzerner See Germany Asenblut, Ctulu, Thormesis, Minas Morgul, Strydegor + more Facebook Event
16/01/2015 Mezz Breda The Netherlands Mourn, Hilton Dive Facebook Event
03/01/2015 Hedon Zwolle The Netherlands "Onslaught, Mayan, Cirith Gorgor, Distillator, Apophys Facebook Event
17/10/2014 Bar American Middelburg The Netherlands Frantic Amber, Facelifter Facebook Event
16/11/2014 CANCELLED! GROUND ZERO Tilburg The Netherlands Phlebotomized, Bodyfarm, Crimson Falls, Prematory, Purest of Pain, Villainy, Syncardion + more TBA Facebook Event
30/08/2014 Bibelot Dordrecht The Netherlands Fenris, Nymeria Facebook Event
07/06/2014 Xinix Nieuwendijk The Netherlands Peter Pan Speedrock, Misantrophia, Albion, Doyle751 Facebook Event
07/04/2014 Bar American Middelburg The Netherlands Herfst, Pictura Poesis Facebook Event
25/01/2014 De Heksenketel Roosendaal The Netherlands Signs Of Darkness, Styxian Industries Facebook Event
22/11/2013 Het Dolhuis Dordrecht The Netherlands Badlands, All Saints Flood, Bunch Of Basterds, Speeddemon Facebook Event
20/07/2013 JH OHK Oostende Belgium Arroganz, Asatru, Semynar Facebook Event
19/07/2013 The Little Devil Tilburg The Netherlands Arroganz, Asatru, Foretold Facebook Event
15/06/2013 WANTIJPOP
(Open Air Fest)
Dordrecht The Netherlands Death Of The Legend, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Kensington, Memphis Maniacs + more. Facebook Event
24/05/2013 Artishock Soest The Netherlands Dystopia
22/12/2012 Het Podium Hoogeveen The Netherlands Signs Of Darkness, Weltschmerz
07/07/2012 EXTREMEFEST SWITZERLAND Pratteln Switzerland Exodus, Asphyx, Suffocation, Belphegor, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Nasum + More
06/07/2012 EXTREMEFEST GERMANY Hünxe Germany Exodus, Asphyx, Suffocation, Belphegor, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Nasum + More
05/07/2012 EXTREMEFEST AUSTRIA St. Pölten Austria Exodus, Asphyx, Suffocation, Belphegor, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Nasum + More

Sins, The Dead Normality<
Date Venue City Country Other bands More Info
06/07/2012 CANCELLED! De Kelder Amersfoort The Netherlands Melechesh, Bodyfarm, Nailgun Massacre
25/05/2012 Xinix Nieuwendijk The Netherlands Fenris, Vergeltung, Infestis, Conorach, Dodenkrocht + More
12/11/2011 Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest Vol. II Berlin Germany Asphyx, Demonical, Fatal Embrace, Demogorgon, Volturyon, Maggots, Necromorph, Slytract, All I've Got, Syphor
11/06/2011 GAHLEN MOSCHT OPEN AIR Mulfingen Germany Vader, Krisiun, Cryptic Forest, Once We Killed, Finsterforst, Warfield Within, Abstinenz, Wasteform, Bolthard, Schleiße Stankend Gliud, Porta Inferi, Fleshworks, NattaRavnur, Akrival, Arroganz, Killing Spree, Brainpoor
15/04/2011 Azijnfabriek Roermond Netherlands Carach Angren, Izegrim
09/04/2011 CANCELLED! HUGGIN'S AWAKENINGS FEST 3 Hangar 1 Belgium Minas Morgul, In-Quest, Oceans Of Sadness, Noctem, Thurisaz, Herfst, Achyronthia, Aktarum, Powerstroke, Asatru
19/03/2011 JC Staddijk Nijmegen The Netherlands Walpurgisnacht + 1
05/03/2011 WINTER FREEZE FESTIVAL Aalen Germany Evocation, Postmortem, Fragements Of Unbecoming, Spirit Of The Future Sun
08/01/2011 POSTPONED!!! Fascinus Sassenheim The Netherlands Wrecking Crew
18/12/2010 BOAR ON THE ROCKS FESTIVAL Mulfingen Germany Riger, Obscurity, Asenblut, Legio Mortis, Men Enter Tavern, Laudanum, Skaldheim, Bleeding Red
04/09/2010 OCCULTFEST Hoogeveen The Netherlands Dead Head, Cirrha Niva, Slechtvalk, Izegrim, Divine
21/08/2010 METAL MEAN FESTIVAL Méan Belgium Mayhem, Macabre, Thyrfing, Orphaned Land, Rotting Christ, Devourment, High Voltage, Black Bleeding, Satyrus, Pestifer, Mehtnakriss and Damarus
14/08/2010 PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR Bad Berka Germany Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Asphyx, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Månegarm, The Crown, Watain, Monstrosity, Aura Noir, Devourment, Varg, Lock Up, The Devil's Blood, Merrimack, Ofermod, Tribulation, Sarke, Demonical, Suicidal Angels, Ghost Brigade, Milking The Goatmachine,Ketzer and Under That Spell
30/07/2010 Back against the Wall Metalfest Den Haag The Netherlands Bloodsin, Mondvolland, Rages of Sin
27/02/2010 'T Gryphus Vierlingsbeek The Netherlands Carach Angren, Infestus
26/02/2010 Metal Heart III, Popcentrale Dordrecht The Netherlands Signs Of Darkness, Seven Ends
06/02/2010 CPCR Liège Belgium Innerfire
30/01/2010 De Witte Non Hasselt Belgium Signs Of Darkness, Seven Ends
23/01/2010 CANCELLED!! Winternoise Festival Hamm Germany Immortal, Kampfar, Desaster, Inquisition, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Varg & Mathyr
11/12/2009 De Rots Antwerp Belgium Signs Of Darkness, Seven Ends
25/10/2009 Mezz Breda Netherlands Hollenthon, God Dethroned, Endstille
18/07/2009 ZABBADUSCHDER OPEN AIR Urbach Germany God Dethroned(nl), Neaera(de), One Man Army and the Undead Quartet(swe), Warbringer(usa), Disbelief(de), Agathodaimon(de), Burning Skies(uk), Aggressive Fear(ch), Darkness By Oath(es), Sideblast(fr), Dryrot(de), Hateprison(de), Hatred(de), Dead Eyed Sleeper(de) Scared To Death(de), Stahlmagen(de), Cronos Titan(de), Thy Final Pain(de)
07 06/2009 Baroeg Rotterdam The Netherlands Rotting Christ(gr), Fenris(nl)
18/04/2009 De Bastille Schoonhoven The Netherlands Held, Arminivs
28/03/2009 De Kade Zaandam The Netherlands Orlog(de), Gorath(be), Faal
02/01/2009 Bibelot Dordrecht The Netherlands Hail Of Bullets, Dictated
26/07/2008 Stonehenge Open Air Festival Steenwijk The Netherlands Entombed(se), Belphegor(at), Sadist(it), Burden Of Grief(de), Dark Age(de), Goryptic(fr) + Leng Tch'e(be), DrDoom, Massive Assault, Cote D'Aver,Kudra Mata
09/02/2008 Dynamo Eindhoven The Netherlands Claustrophobia
14/12/2007 Oude Danserije Roosendaal The Netherlands Gorath (be)
27 11/2007 Waterfront Rotterdam The Netherlands Mayhem (no)
20/10/2007 Podium Hoogeveen The Netherlands Cirith Gorgor, Gheestenland
06/05/2007 Bibelot Dordrecht The Netherlands Vader (pl)
28/08/2005 De Kelder Breda The Netherlands Vuist & Sauculum
17/07/2005 BMU Fest, Frontline Gent Belgium Cirith Gorgor, Infernal Legion(be), Aguynguerran(be), Creature(be) + more
10/07/2005 Pandfest Dordrecht The Netherlands Brutus, Officium Trist, Rectal Smegma, Twister Of Truth + Brainblast
22/04/2005 Bibelot Dordrecht The Netherlands Cirith Gorgor + Ordo Draconis
15/01/2005 De Kade Zaandam The Netherlands Monolith Deathcult, As It Burns, Putrified, Axamenta, Deifecation + more
14/10/2004 Nighttown Rotterdam The Netherlands Liar Of Golgotha, Serenade Of Darkness
06/06/2003 Burgerweeshuis Deventer The Netherlands Flesh Made Sin, Monolith Deathcult, Hatred, Putrefied, + 2
25/04/2003 Popcentrale Dordrecht The Netherlands Eria D'or
05/04/2003 Pontonnier Dordrecht The Netherlands Bolthorn, Boombaard & Headhaunter
02/11/2002 Nederland 3 Wateringen The Netherlands Solomn Darkness & Damnable
26/07/2002 Baroeg Rotterdam The Netherlands Fluisterwoud, Sauron & Katafalk
25/01/2002 Baroeg Rotterdam The Netherlands CorpseCandle & InkBlack
17/02/2001 Elektra Sliedrecht The Netherlands Fenris
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'Storm Is Coming' - Video 2014

'Self-Destruction Mode' - Music Video 2014

'Storm Is Coming' - Album Teaser Video 2014

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